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During most of our floor repairs, a floor may look good over-all, with just a couple spots that need attention. The spots could be anything from a split or broken board, some minor scratches, or small dents and/or dings. On the other end, an area could be damaged by a faulty appliance, cupping or crowning, cracking between boards, etc. Whatever the case may be, Ryno Custom Flooring Inc specializes in hardwood flooring repairs or refinishing and are dedicated to identify and handle the problem, no matter how difficult the situation.

Hardwood Floor Sanding Services by Ryno Custom Flooring Inc
Water Damage Flooring Repair by Ryno Custom Flooring Inc.
Hardwood Floor Tie-In Repairs by Ryno Custom Flooring Inc.
Wood Floor Repair Board Replacement by Ryno Custom Flooring Inc.
Crack Filling Wood Floor Repairs by Ryno Custom Flooring Inc.
Hardwood Floor Finish Services by Ryno Custom Flooring Inc.


Accidents happen, your flooring shouldn’t suffer.

In most floor repair situations, a simple coat of finish on top of your existing floor will take care of most issues, bringing your old floor close to the condition it was when it was new. In the most extreme floor repair cases, the easy touch-up fix is not practical, possibly only magnifying the problem and we will advise you accordingly. This includes a full inspection of the problem causing area including the sub-flooring and condition of your pre-existing floor – we’ll discuss your options in detail during your inspection.

If you feel like your floor could use a little attention, we will examine your problems and explain available options to you. After all, your floors are designed to be used and walked on, and will show the effects of time eventually.

Full Flooring Inspection

We inspect your flooring & sub-flooring for damaged areas, then provide solutions.

Talented Experts

Our experts have advanced flooring techniques for the most difficult jobs.

Water Damage Repair

Water and humidity are flooring’s worst enemy, we provide reparation of damaged areas.

Floor Sanding & Refinishing

Complete sanding and refinishing of the damaged or transitioned floor area.

Custom Stain Matching

We’ll do our best to match your flooring repair EXACTLY using custom stain mixes.

Floor Crack & Hole Filling

Floor cracks or spacing? We repair any cracks or holes in your flooring with durable floor putty.

Floor Tie-In Repairing

Tie-in your old floors with your new floors, common when adding or repairing a floor.

Dust-Less Vacuum System

Keep dust out, we take the extra steps to keep your project clean of dust and debris.

Scratches, Dings, & Marks

We’ll sand, fill, and finish your hardwood flooring to remove misc scratches and damage.

Floor Board Replacement

Cracked or damaged floor board? We’ll cut out and replace the board for you.

Professional Knowledge

We have over 4 generations of hardwood floor knowledge & experience.

Remove Squeaks and Noise

We attempt to repair any squeaks, creaks, or noises when walking on your flooring.

We offer complete inspections and competitive estimates

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