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Whether you need a elegant custom spiral staircase for your main hallway, or just a standard set right by your front door – our technicians provide professional knowledge and courteous customer service every step in your future stair installation project. Get professional, fully-certified stair installation services – choose from hundreds of styles or create your own.  We have a huge selection of styles you can in-cooperate into your home, or work closely with us to create a custom staircase from scratch. From the quote process or style selection, to the initial sanding and finishing – Ryno Custom Flooring Inc has become a trusted resource for stair installation throughout the Chicagoland area. 

Stair Tread & Landing Installation by Ryno Custom Flooring Inc.
Stair Riser Installation by Ryno Custom Flooring Inc.
Stair Moulding Installation by Ryno Custom Flooring Inc.
Stair Handrail & Fitting Installation by Ryno Custom Flooring Inc.


Guiding your destination – step by step.

Stair installation in itself is a very difficult task, it has become a very perfected technique with little room for error. Whether your looking for a new modern spiral, or settling for a more traditional style – there are still important steps to take before you get it installed. At Ryno Custom Flooring Inc, our certified professionals provide you a full-inspection of your project and a detailed analysis of our measurements – while guiding you every step of the way with our professional advice.

Working with you from the ground, up – We provide you with a wide selection of stair styles and types that can be compatible with your current project specifications. Whether it’s a standard type stair installation, or custom – mix and match your styles for greater originality and elegance. For tougher jobs and difficult situations, we’ll custom fit your stair installation into place with detailed craftsmanship and professional precision.

Full Job Inspection

A thorough inspection of your project – we gather all the details and measurements to provide you with our best quote.

Variety of Stair Sizing

Whether you have a wide, narrow, or spiral staircase – we’ll provide you with our best solutions for your particular situation.

Certified Stair Installation

Our stair installation crew is fully certified and professionally install your staircase, backed by a lifetime guarantee.

No Mess – No Stress

Our company thrives to keep our work area clean of dust and debris at all times – not to mention take our garbage with us!

Variety of Stair Styles

From modern to traditional, choose from a variety of styles to fit your home – our experts will help find your selection(s).

Detailed Craftsmanship

With over 70 years of installation and sanding knowledge- your getting professional craftsmanship in all our work.

Did We Say Variety?

Choose from even more types & styles of moulding, treads, handrails, risers, or trim to customize your installation to a “t”.

Customized Stain Colors

Get creative, create your own or color-match your staircase to your project’s original wood flooring.

We offer complete inspections and competitive estimates

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